Additional Menu Items

Scotty’s is the trusted name in catering services, we will make any event memorable.
Our staff of professionals will ensure that your guests enjoy delicious food at your Location or Ours.
Scotty’s has served the Central New York and the North Country with over 36 years of experience. 

Does not include freezer or Labor

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae Bar
$5.00 per guest

Guests create their own unique Ice Cream Sundae!
4 oz. Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop with Toppings:
Chocolate Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, Carmel Sauce, Crushed Oreo Cookies, Nut Sundae Topping, M&M’s, Cherries, Sprinkles and Whipped Cream!
Includes Ice Cream Cart and attendant for Two Hours.
100 Guest Minimum.
Assorted Ice Cream Bars
$ 1.35 each
Sold by 24 pieces per flavor  - Cart Required

Ice Cream Cups
$ 1.00 each

Italian Ice Squeeze Tubes 
$ 1.00 each

Ice Cream Cart  

Rental per party, product and delivery extra
Attendant extra

$ .99 each

Popcorn Machine $70.00
Attendant extra

100 Guest Minimum

Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Machine  

Cone $  .99 each

Attendant extra
Bags $2.00 each

100 Guest Minimum                                                                                  

Snow Cones

Attendant extra
Unlimited for two hours Attendant included.
Assorted Flavors: Cherry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, and Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy

Lemonade with a Twist
$2.50 per serving

Grandma’s Old Fashioned Lemonade Stand and Staff -  $165.00

Pure Refreshment–Grandma’s Old-fashioned Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Berry Nice – Very Cherry Cherry Lemonade
Citrus Blast - Lemonade with a Burst of Watermelon
Punch It Up! - Tropical Punch Meets Lemonade
Grape Expectations - Kids love it!
Includes Cups and Ice
100-guest minimum, three hours of service

Old Fashioned Hillbilly Soda Trailer - $225.00
Attendant Required
Comes with 7 Old Fashioned Flavors:
Sarsaparilla, Root Beer, Birch Beer, Orange Dreamcicle,
Cream Soda, Cherry Wine and Ginger Beer

Collector Tin Mug
$  5.00 each

16 oz. Cups $  2.00 each
Additional Tanks of Soda $25.00 each
100 Guest Minimum.

Jolly Trolley Snow Cone Factory

Attendant Required
Comes with 23 Flavors of Homemade Snow Cone Syrup

And 400 snow cone cups
Super size Flower Cups with Silly Sip Straws $ 1.50 each
Additional Gallon Syrups  $15.00 each
100 Guest Minimum.

Frozen Slush Puppie Stand

Choose TWO Flavors
Attendant Required         
12 oz. Cups                                                                                        $1.00
16 oz. Cups                                                                                        $1.50
Cherry, Blue Raspberry, A & W root beer & Orange Crush
100 Guest Minimum.

Frozen Margarita & Strawberry Daiquiri And Pina Colada Stand (Choose Two) 

Attendant Required         
Served with Whipped Cream, Fresh Strawberries, Limes,
And Sea Salt in 10 oz. Cups. $3.00 each
Non-Alcohol  $ 1.75 each

Fresh Fruit Smoothie Stand - $175.00
Attendant Required         
10 oz. Cup $ 1.75 each
16 oz. Cups $ 2.75 each

Fried Dough Stand - $175.00

Attendant Required                                                                            
Comes with Cinnamon Sugar or Powdered Sugar  $ 2.00 each

With Assorted Fruit Toppings                                                        $   .50 add’l

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